Herbert Likes Pink!

Herbert likes pink. His friends laugh at him at first, but Herbert wants to show them why pink is such a good colour. By the time he’s finished, they realise they like pink, too!

Paperback – 32 pages – 210x270mm – full-colour illustrations throughout – ISBN 978-1-912609-08-6 – £7.99.

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What the reviewers say:

“Great little book to help children learn new vocabulary, rhyming and most importantly tolerance. Stereotypical ideas start early so this is a fab addition to any Early Years classroom to challenge that. A key text for supporting EYFS British Values.”

Samantha Mercer – Early Years Teacher

“Herbert Likes Pink is on absolute delight to read and is a strong, positive teaching aid to show young children that everyone is different.”

Linda – Nursery Room Leader

“Amazing first book for this new young author. I hope there will be more. Great storyline.”


“Amazing read for children and adults. My Daughter loves it! A must buy. “


“Such a well written book, my 8 year old now wants to buy it for the kids in class that are a little different. Thank you so much, hope there will be more books.”


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