Our authors

Liz Bennett

Liz Bennett is the founder of Fuzzypig Books. She has worked in book publishing, editing and design for the whole of her adult life, and has produced hundreds of books covering subjects as diverse as poetry, children’s stories, KS2 guides, and how to make a coffee table out of a car engine. She has illustrated books of poetry and prose for Dorset writers, provided visual aids for a local charity’s SEND workbook, and has sold her prints and cards locally and internationally. As well as illustrating many of the books published by Fuzzypig Books, she has written two of them: One Black Cat on a Big Red Chair and Patch, The Dog Who Ate Everything. She has three nearly-grown-up children and two mischievous cats. Patch is based on Liz’s dog, Frodo. She signs her creative work Liz Poulain.

Photo of Marion Mackett

Marion Mackett (aka Marion Cooper) is our newest author. Marion has had an eclectic career spanning the police force, secretarial work and a role as a magistrate, working with high risk offenders and young people in care. As a qualified social worker, Marion specialised in post-adoption work, acting as an intermediary enabling adoptees and adopters to seek and trace their birth relatives. In retirement, she continued her interest in adoption as a panel member with a voluntary adoption agency. Marion’s four grandchildren asked her to write a story about their cuddly toys, and Jasper’s Clever Plan was born. This adventure, created with input from the grandchildren throughout, shows that whatever age you are, it should not stop you from following a dream or goal.


Jazmin Velasco has been creating amazing pictures of her cat Sami for years. Now she’s written and illustrated the first of Sami’s adventures: Sami and the Lost Ear. Jazmin is from Guadalajara, Mexico where she studied graphic design and illustration. She moved to Mexico City to study oil painting and printmaking, while working as a cartoonist for a national newspaper. Years later she moved to London where she studied multimedia and established her work as an artist, printmaker and ceramist. She has created a number of handmade art books over the years, but this is her first children’s book. You can find out more about Jazmin and her beautiful illustrations and ceramics at www.jazminvelasco.com.


Chrissie White is the author of The King Who Looked For An Island. She is a former primary school teacher, with five children and four grand-children. Chrissie has always written poetry, and has enjoyed exploring this new and different way of story-telling. The illustrations for the book are based on Chrissie’s original sketches.

Dawn Brown

Dawn Brown is the author of Herbert Likes Pink. Since gaining a Diploma in Childcare and Education, she has worked as a Practitioner with children from birth to 5yrs. Dawn is a trained Forest School Teacher and lives in a Dorset village with her husband and two boys. She loved writing from an early age but took to it avidly at 16. Dawn has always battled with dyspraxia and dyslexia, so firmly believes that anyone can follow a dream.


Devina Symes, author of The Adventures of Grandma’s Gang,  previously published a novel set in wartime Dorset, three History and Mystery local guide books and a number of poems and stage plays. She also adapted and directed The Mayor of Casterbridge and Tess of the D’urbervilles for stage. The Adventures of Grandma’s Gang, which unravel on the Dorset coast, is her first children’s book. You can buy some of Devina’s other books here.

Sue Worth

Sue Worth is an award-winning poet, author and performer. Her story Scuz Williams and the Giant Amazonian Squiggle Worms won a story-writing competition judged by children. She has many other stories up her sleeve, tested, over many years, on the children of Damers Road School, Dorchester, so expect to see more of her writing in print soon. Sue and Liz published a collection of Sue’s poems about Dorset life and people: The Cows Who Played Bingo ISBN 978-0-9551633-4-0, available here.

jack elwin

Jack Elwin (1931-2012) wrote stories for children, poetry, three novels based around Dorset during the Civil War, and a collection of short biographies of historical figures associated with Portesham, Dorset. He was also an accomplished artist and actor. In 2011, he and Liz (his daughter) discussed illustrating and publishing his story A Magic Smell for a Marrow, but it took until 2018 to create the finished book. The story entertained all ten of his grandchildren, and the school children of Portesham and the surrounding area for many years, so we hope it will entertain you, too.