Patch, the Dog Who Ate Everything

Patch the dog eats EVERYTHING and Molly and her mum and dad just don’t know what to do. Follow her hilarious adventure as she eats her way through soap, a house plant, Molly’s boots, dad’s socks and anything else she can find until mum, dad and Molly have had enough. Farmer Riley has an idea, but it doesn’t quite go to plan…

Paperback – 32 pages – 210x270mm – full-colour illustrations throughout – ISBN 978-1-912609-01-7 – £7.99.

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What the reviewers say:

Ivy’s Library

“Patch the dog loves to eat, but her tastes are a little unconventional. Socks, soap, letters, rugs, wellies, baskets – she chows down on anything she can get her paws on and her poor family doesn’t know what to do. How can they stop Patch from eating all their belongings?

This lovely story is perfect for little dog lovers and the hand-drawn illustrations are super cute. Ivy laughs out loud at all the crazy things Patch likes to eat. We even play a little game where I point at things around the room and we try and decide if Patch would gobble them up. The answer is invariably yes!”

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