The King Who Looked for An Island

Once there was a king who dreamt of an island, but he lived in the middle of an enormous plain and didn’t even know how to find the sea, let alone an island. He decided to build a tower to see if he could see the sea, only to find something even better…

Paperback – 32 pages – 270x210mm – full-colour illustrations throughout – ISBN 978-1-912609-02-4 – £7.99.

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What the reviewers say:

Ivy’s Library

“We LOVE this story! It teaches such a fantastic lesson and has a real old-school fairy tale feel. Ivy loves the idea of a tower of cheese and we’ve had lots of fun imagining all the crazy materials you could use to create a tower (pizza is her current favourite!).

The mix of sparse text and large detailed illustrations works really well, and I am a big fan of the fact the King’s endeavours bring a really diverse group of newcomers to his land.”

You can read the full review here.

What Early-Years teachers say about this book

“Suitable for a class of children to be able to relate the overall pictures to script and text and then to enjoy the detail.”
“Multi-cultural aspect promoted through scenery and recognisable characters.”
“Beautifully colourful and attractive.”
“Provides opportunities to pause for questions, predictions, and problem-solving.”
“The storyline generates empathy with the main isolated character who is lonely and this should raise interesting questions from readers who will want to turn the page.”

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