Jasper’s Clever Plan

Jasper, the big, friendly Canadian bear, is rudely awoken from a lovely, dreamy sleep. The other toys in the playroom are being very noisy, arguing over who is the best toy. Poor Jasper can’t get back to sleep. Luckily, he is a wise and resourceful bear. He devises a plan to end the squabbling: he will get them to listen to each other’s stories:

‘Anything that has happened to you,’ he says. ‘Something sad, something funny, somewhere you have been with the family. Perhaps you have had a really exciting or scary adventure?’

But will it work out as he hopes? Will the toys learn something about themselves and each other along the way?

Paperback – 60 pages – 210x270mm – full-colour illustrations throughout – ISBN 978-1-912609-06-2 – £9.99.

You will be able to buy our book about Jasper and his friends here soon.

What the reviewers say:

Poundbury e-Magazine

“This delightful book addresses a variety of common concerns and anxieties that children may have. The appealing illustrations and gentle style make this a valuable addition to any child’s bookcase or school library.”

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