Jasper’s Clever Plan

Jasper, the big, friendly Canadian bear, is rudely awoken from a lovely, dreamy sleep. The other toys in the playroom are being very noisy, arguing over who is the best toy. Poor Jasper can’t get back to sleep. Luckily, he is a wise and resourceful bear. He devises a plan to end the squabbling: he will get them to listen to each other’s stories:

‘Anything that has happened to you,’ he says. ‘Something sad, something funny, somewhere you have been with the family. Perhaps you have had a really exciting or scary adventure?’

But will it work out as he hopes? Will the toys learn something about themselves and each other along the way?

Paperback – 60 pages – 210x270mm – full-colour illustrations throughout – ISBN 978-1-912609-06-2 – £9.99.

You will be able to buy our book about Jasper and his friends here soon.

What the reviewers say:

Poundbury Magazine, Spring 2021

“This delightful book addresses a variety of common concerns and anxieties that children may have. Told through the characters of a child’s soft toys, each chapter addresses a different topic, such as getting lost, moving house and being bullied. Using language accessible to children, issues are sensitively explored… Amelia, my nine-year-old granddaughter, read part of the book, which she greatly enjoyed, and found the illustrations ‘lovely’. It can be difficult for an adult to encourage a child to open up about things that are troubling them. Finding a fictional character with whom the child may identify can be one way forward. The appealing colour illustrations and gentle style make this a valuable addition to any child’s bookcase or school library.”

What teachers and care workers say about this book

“It is a beautifully produced book and very well illustrated.” – Toni, Teacher, Canterbury, New Zealand

“I loved the individual stories and I see you got ‘adoption’ in there too!  Nice, warm story telling and difference between the toys obvious.  Lovely – I’m sure my Grandchildren will love bedtime stories with this one.” – Marian, Retired Adoption Worker, Norfolk

What parents and grandparents say about this book

Jasper’s Clever Plan is stunning. The story is so clever and interesting but then what is so important is how the story is ‘packaged.’ The book size, print, illustrations and colour all add to the joy.  Beautiful combination, works well.” – Joanne and Mike, Hayling Island, Hampshire

“I am now a complete blubbering mess. I don’t think there will be a Granny in the world that won’t identify the importance soft toys are to children. They become their best friends, confidantes, and above all personal treasures that often last a lifetime.” – Sue and Laurie, West Sussex

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